Video: Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Om Swami Caught Changing Clothes At Delhi Railway Platform


The Bigg Boss 10 was undoubtedly the most talked about the show because of the various controversies that happened because of certain contestants. One of such contestant was Swami Om who entered the Bigg Boss house with the ‘Indiawaale’ tag and literally degraded it to the worst.

He claimed to a Baba but everyone started doubting on him after seeing his behavior in the house. He teamed up with his co-contestant Priyanka Jagga who acted as her daughter in the house but this baap-beti duo made life hell for all the other contestants in the house. The situation went to such an extreme condition that they have to be thrown out of the house and this has happened first time in the history of Bigg Boss.

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Swami om disgusted everyone during a task when he threw his pee on Bani and Rohan. Not only this when Bigg Boss asked him to leave the house, he refused. Special security persons had to call inside the house to show him the door. Even after getting out of the house he kept on claiming that he had done all that for publicity and gaining TRP’s. He even threatened the Bigg Boss makers and said that he won’t let the grand finale of the show happen. Adding on to this he even made some disgusting comments on the host of the show Salman Khan and on the other contestants.

Now that all of it is over, we found a video of the Dhongi Baba standing at the Delhi railway station. His condition seemed to be like that of a beggar. While everyone around watched and made fun of him, the Baba completely unaware kept on changing his clothes there at the station itself.

After getting out of the house this self-proclaimed baba was also seen partying with his ‘beti’ Priyanka Jagga. To remind you both of them were not allowed to attend the grand finale of the show.

We wonder where this Dhongi Baba is heading to? Check out the video and you will even find the blue colored trolly bag of the Bigg Boss.