Vivek Dahiya Expressed His Feelings About Divyanka Tripathi’s Past Relationship

Vivek-Divyanka-&-Sharad[tps_footer]Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi have recently got engaged and it looks like Vivek has a lot to say for his to-be-better-half Divyanka. It’s just so lovely to see the two of them together and extremely happy to see Divyanka to move on from her past relationship which didn’t work out with Ssharad Malhotra which lasted for six years. But unfortunately, it could never go to the level of commitment and it ended silently.


2016 which has been a year of some really nasty break ups and separations, also had a lot of good news of engagement and wedding too. Recently, Preity Zinta tied the knot and is happily entering a new beginning of life. From television we got to see amazing pics of Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal enjoying their honeymoon in Maldives and Drashti Dhami with her hubby Neerja Khemka, holidaying in Jammu Kashmir. It’s time for love, love and love. Woww, finally we have our favorite topic to talk about “love” and no place for bitterness.


Vivek has expressed his feelings towards Divyanka and her past relationship in a very mature way. For him Divyanka is the ultimate dream girl whom he was always searching and longing for. Everybody has a past, so do they and one failure in relationship doesn’t prove anyone a bad person or a wrong relation. At times situations, wants, needs of two people are different. So you never know what will work out and which relation will fail miserably.

He seems to be very mature and he also shared with us that “Divyanka is very similar to her character Ishita, she is very humble, much grounded and extremely sweet. Initially, I thought it is impossible for a person to be so good…Divyanka has been one of the most charming faces of television industry and has maintained an amazing rapport with all the people she has worked with. Never heard about her nasty catfights or clashes. Even her break up with Ssharad was like it never happened. A big lesson of positivity and never ending charm.

Vivek is certainly smitten by Divyanka‘s nature and simplicity !! We wish the best for this couple and for their careers.[/tps_footer]