Watch: Manveer Gurjar REACTS At SHOCKING Allegations Put By Akansha Sharma


Manveer Gurjar speaks up on the allegations put by Akansha Sharma after the success party of Bigg Boss 10.

Recently, Salman Khan hosted a success bash of Bigg Boss 10. The party was attended by all the commoners as well as by the celebrities. Manveer Gurjar, Nitibha Kaul, Manu Punjabi, Akansha Sharma and everyone was seen partying together like never before.

The videos and the pictures that surfaced on the social media showcased that the commoners had their best time. Manveer was seen more energetic while Nitibha and Akansha Sharma were seen high and dancing throughout the party.

In fact, some of the videos also showcased the close friendship of Manveer with Nitibha and Akansha. Many even got down to the conclusion that Manveer is dating Akansha Sharma.
Well, after days of the party, Yuvraj Singh’s ex-sister in law, Akansha Sharma has put some allegations on Manveer Gurjar.

Talking to an entertainment portal, Akansha rubbished dating Manveer Gurjar and said that she has no idea why she is being linked up to Manveer after the success party. She also further added that Manveer doesn’t know how to talk and respect women and that she realized at the success party of Bigg Boss 10.

Akansha also went on to say that she would date a frog but not Manveer even if he is the last man on the earth. Ouch! That’s not all, Akansha also revealed that Manveer has changed. He is not what he was inside Bigg Boss 10 house. He behaves like he is meant for doing movies.

Well, finally Manveer has now reacted to the same through social media. He went live on Facebook and took some live questions from his fans. During his live interaction, he was asked about Akansha Sharma’s allegations on him.

To which he replied saying that he is what he is in real and that all his Bigg Boss friends were there at the party with whom he behaved like a family. He also took a dig at Akansha Sharma and said, Get well soon Akansha Sharma, You have given good statements about me.” He also asked his fans to not get into such negativity.

Watch the videos below: