Watch: Rahul Raj Singh’s Reaction On Pratyusha Banerjee Taking Drugs!

Pratushya-BAnerjee-&-Rahul-Raj[tps_footer]Finally, we could get to hear the other side of Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case story from her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. The minute media people spotted Rahul, it was a nonstop question answer session with him. He looked disturbed and sleepless but he gave answers to all the questions patiently. Rahul was disturbed and badly hurt with all the allegations put up by Pratyusha’s parents, family, friends, and media. He said that everyone had their take on this case without confirming anything with him. Rahul wanted to speak to media and police but he was not in his senses to talk and give an official statement. He still believes that Pratyusha is alive and finds it hard to accept that she is dead. Rahul also claimed that a lot of people who are blaming him are hungry for publicity and don’t mind dragging his name without any proofs.


Rahul, denied all the allegations against him and he said he never gave drugs to Pratyusha, all this is spread by others and a lot is written about this by media and not him. Rahul also rubbished the pregnancy and abortion news of Pratyusha Banerjee. Rahul said she was never pregnant with him and he is being cornered by people close to Pratyusha in this matter. Rahul said openly that if he was misbehaving, torturing Pratyusha then why her parents didn’t take any action against him earlier and now everyone is ready to put him behind the bars without even listening to his side of the story. He has accused Pratyusha’s parents of changing their statements and blaming him completely for Pratyusha’s suicide.



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