Watch: Rahul Raj Singh Accuses Pratyusha Banerjee’s Parents!

Rahul-Raj-Singh-&-Pratyusha-Banerjee[tps_footer]Earlier, there were many media reports that suggested Rahul Raj Singh use to take money from Pratyusha Banerjee and he used her bank card for satisfying his needs. Rahul was married to an air hostess and later he divorced her but it was said he cheated on seven more females only for money and used to put them on drugs. But, Rahul has rubbished all these allegations although his ex-lawyer Neeraj Gupta stopped fighting his case and blamed him for Pratyusha’s death. But, Rahul blames Pratyusha’s parents for making her life tough to live which ended miserably.


Unfortunately, this case has become extremely ugly to handle and we have no clue how this is going to end like. Every day we are facing shocking and disturbing updates related to Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case and it’s so hurtful. But, it’s important to know everything related to a case instead of passing a judgement in a minute. Rahul’s ex-flame Saloni Sharma who was accused of torturing and beating Pratyusha has also recorded her statement and she said that Rahul and Pratyusha got violent and insulted her first and later she abused and hit Pratyusha and then she attacked Rahul.  She also said that the officers in Bangur Nagar Police station know about it as they were handling this case earlier but Saloni didn’t react on it much and she ended this issue long back. But, now she is also blamed for Pratyusha’s suicide along with Rahul Raj Singh.


Now, Rahul has directly said that he never took any money from Pratyusha, in fact, her parents are responsible for her miserable demise. Rahul said that Pratyusha took a heavy loan and she was unable to pay EMI. He also mentioned that Pratyusha used to send all that money to her parents and not him. So, why is he blamed for something he never got ? Surprisingly, Pratyusha’s friends, family, and parents are all claiming that Rahul used Pratyusha’s money and Rahul has accused her parents.

We are now waiting for the court’s verdict because now it’s too difficult to even know what must have really happened with Pratyusha. But, watch this video and know more about Rahul’s take on his girlfriend Pratyusha’s suicide case.


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