WATCH: Salman Khan Gets Grilled On Koffee With Karan!

[tps_header]One of the most loved and watched celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan is back with a bang in its fourth season, and the first episode of every season has always been the highlight of the entire  season.

At the launch of his first season, the witty producer/director had his best friend and the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan on his couch, this time around Karan has made the impossible possible and will be grilling Salman Khan over a cup of coffee.


The promo of the first episode has Karan questioning Salman the reason for not coming on the show earlier, he goes ahead and asks Salman about his ex-girlfriend’s, then a question on a gay encounter and also what he would do if he woke up in Katrina Kaif‘s body.

No one would have seen Salman Khan’s face ever turn this red, the most hilarious moment in the promo was when Salman put’s both his arms in the air and says, “Kuchh bhi bolta hai yaar, yeh aadmi.” (This man says the weirdest stuff.)

Salman Khan will not be the only one on the couch, he will be accompanied by his father, writer Salim Khan, with whom he will compete for the very desirable coffee gift hamper.

Both the stars, Salim Khan and Salman Khan will be making their first appearance together on the chat show.

Koffee With Karan airs on December 1, 2013 on Star World at 9 P.M.

Check out these hot stills from the promo…[/tps_header]


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