You Won’t Believe What Bigg Boss 4 Kannada Winner Pratham Does With Rs 50 Lakh Prize Money!


Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 winner is Pratham.

Coming a long way, Pratham managed to not only win the title of this season’s Bigg Boss Kannada but has touched the hearts of millions across the country through his noble gesture. Nicknamed ‘Olle Huduga’ (Good Boy) Pratham, stayed true to the name, as he immediately announced after winning the grand prize of 50 lakhs that he would donate the complete amount to charity.

Despite being a common-man amongst a host of celebrated personalities from the Kannada industry, Pratham didn’t lose hope and pursued to follow his aspirations to emerge victorious after 4 grueling months. But what makes this victory sweeter is the viewers’ confidence in him and he honored their trust through this magnanimous donation towards funding marriages for specially-abled couples, utilities for economically weaker areas in the cities of Kollegala, Chamarainagara etc. and a large portion towards the families of martyrs and farmers that committed suicide due to the inability to pay-off debts.

Appreciating the never-give- up spirit of the runner-up Keerthi Kumar, host Kichha Sudeep announced a personal gift of Rs 10 lakhs from his side. Sudeep applauded efforts of Keerthi, who hails from a humble background, yet pursued humanitarian endeavours and displayed a similar spirit on the show.

This year Bigg Boss has not only concluded on a very inspiring note but also portrayed the essence of benevolence, with not only Pratham donating his prize money but also the Bigg Boss Hindi winner Manveer Gurjar mirroring the act by donating a portion of his prize money to Salman Khan’s philanthropic initiative Being Human.