Fan Teaser: Shah Rukh Khan’s Glory Filled Side V/S His Biggest Fan







Finally, Shah Rukh Khan’s most awaited teaser for movie Fan is out. The teaser of the film Fan is magnificent in its unique way, starting off as an intense beat; the teaser of Fan takes you to a journey and the essence of stardom.

Fan which is presented by Yash Raj Films stars Shah Rukh Khan in its lead role, the initial shot of the teaser itself makes one curious as to what the story within is all about. With the snapshots of crowds going gaga over Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma, the teaser gets you a hint that this movie is no less than depicting of grandeur.

The real like images of Shah Rukh Khan making the crowd crazy over him are a sight to drool on, from aerial shots to wide smiles of the fans, Fan teaser is an open mystery box. The highlight when SRK strikes his signature pose gets you all the more anxious about the film. With SRK written in bold red letters, it surely signifies that Fan is a tale of stardom and power. Lakhs of cameras waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star makes you aware of the superstar’s reach and popularity. Going global the teaser also depicts how one superstar affects the life of millions of his fans, how one man with his films makes a difference in his fans.

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But no teaser is complete without its hint and a shower of a twist, Fan not only revolves on a superstar but hugely relies on that one biggest fan of the superstar. Towards the end of the teaser, we see not only the star side of the glory but also how one person becomes the talk of the town when he is labeled as the biggest fan of the superstar. The central idea of the film lies in “Duniya Ke Sabse Bade Superstar Ka Sabse Bada Fan.”

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and helmed by Yash Raj Films the film Fan will see Shah Rukh Khan in two different personalities all together. The film is all set to hit the theaters on April 15th 2016. With such a curiosity filled teaser we can hardly wait for its full-fledged trailer.

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