Happy Ending Trailer: Saif Ali Khan Does Nothing To Make You Happy



Saif Ali Khan‘s Happy Ending is a lame story that appears to be a bad combination of Masti and Love Aaj Kal, both hit films that when combined make a very bad combination!

It is about a writer Yudi Jaitely (Saif Ali Khan) who is apparently very famous amongst the girls (we wonder how?)

Ranveer Shorey we are guessing is Yudi’s best friend as they are seen partying together.

The life of this writer is suddenly on a halt because reality strikes, where he is not the very famous writer anymore and he will not be able to live the sexy lifestyle he could afford till now! No girls, no spa, or anything close!

So his last option is to write for a movie, of which Govinda is the actor, supposedly a superstar (named Armaan). Happy Ending Trailer shows him in literally sketched abs over his belly.

Now Saif Ali Khan‘s only hopes lies in his lady love Ileana D’Cruz, also a lost-in-life individual who helps fulfill his se***l desires.

Also seen in cameos are Kareena Kapoor Khan (who as per reports is Yudi, Saif Ali Khan‘s ex girlfriend) and Preity Zinta.

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The movie is filled with cheesy lines, where Saif Ali Khan tries to make the audience laugh, but fails miserably.

Instances, when Govinda says “Yeh film Youth waalon ke liye banani hai” and Saif Ali Khan replies with a “Doodh walon ke liye?”

Obviously, it makes no sense at all to write a script for some milkman!

Also, the background music is as lame as a song named “Pussycat.”

The climax of the movie shows Saif Ali Khan in a double role, where Yudi tells his duplicate that he is young, that is eventually made fun of, and ended in a “young at heart” sentence.

However, the role of Kalki Koechlin, who plays one of the main leads, is still not revealed.

What happens by the end is a big fail, where Armaan the superstar is so miserable that he is ready to work in any sort of a script!

All in all, the Happy Ending trailer fails to impress.

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