TRAILER: ‘Gippi’ A Flashback Of You


MUMBAI: Dharma Productions and UTV Motion Pictures have released the trailer of their very first teenage oriented movie – ‘Gippi’ directed by debutante Sonam Nair.

The film features newcomers Riya Vij, Doorva Tripathi, Arbaz Kadwani, Jayati Modi and known Bollywood actors Divya Dutta and Taaha Shah.

The trailer begins with Gippi – a typical teenager, coming of age. While she struggles with clothes that just don’t fit her right and the trauma of waxing, Gippi falls in love with a hunk from her school.

“It’s time to relive those precious teenage moments! The moments of friendship, the crazy crushes, the best friends and the arch rivals, the embarrassing moments, the effort to adjust to one’s changing body! Watch Gippi’s journey as she deals with it all,” said Dharma.

Vishal-Shekhar’s music lends the needed funk and freshness to this film from Karan Johar, meant specially for teenagers! ‘Gippi’ will hit the screens on May 10, 2013.