Trailer Review: Bhaangarh – This One Will Spook You Out

bhaangarh mainSpooky…Eerie…..Scary….the three words that describe the theatrical trailer of Dilip Virender Sood‘s forthcoming horror film Bhaangarh.

Bhaangarh is loosely inspired by the legend of what is considered India’s officially haunted place Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan.

What’s good about the trailer is the fact that it maintains the mystical feel enhanced by spooky intriguing shots while giving a glimpse of the story.

Bhaangarh is a story of six friends who don’t pay heed to a warning board outside its fort gate that states – entering the borders of Bhaangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action would be taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions – leading to a mystical labyrinth of horror, deception and adventure.

One look at the trailer of Bhaangarh and we are very sure that this one will surely take audience by surprise, keeping them guessing and scaring them at the same time.

“Since childhood, I have been a huge horror fan with a special interest in slasher and psychological horror films. Through Bhaangarh, I have tried to deviate from the traditional Indian horror film and give audiences a new experience which draws from both these sub-genres.” Dilip Virender Sood said in a statement.

Bhaangarh has an equally creepy poster of a lizard coming out of a person’s face and has generated a lot of intrest. The film Bhaangarh has been shot in Bhangarh Fort as well as in places like Delhi and Rajasthan forts.

Bhaangarh stars Tom Alter, Suzzana, Debonita, Aneet Kaur, Puneet, Harry T and Adeel Chaudhry and is set for a September 05, 2014 release.

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