Trailer Review: Hell Breaks Loose Yet All Is Well With Abhishek Bachchan And Rishi Kapoor!


Abhishek-Rishi-All-is-WellBollywood showed us daughter and father’s twisted relationship in PIKU and we absolutely loved it. Now get ready to see father and son’s bond in director Umesh Shukla’s upcoming film All Is Well. After releasing film’s unique poster, the trailer is finally out!

Comedy drama film, All Is Well’s trailer starts with Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor attaining “peace” out in the open, with Supriya Pathak and Asin sitting behind in the car and Abhishek Bachchan asking his father to hurry up! Rishi Kapoor plays the role of a 60-year old father and a husband with a weak bladder. Rishi runs a bakery, well… kind of runs it and is neck deep in debt. After meeting the first character in the trailer, Abhishek introduces us to his mother, Supriya Pathak, who is weak, tired and sick and according to Abhishek, it’s all because of his father. Trailer is self-expressive enough and reveals all that there’s to know about All Is Well and the twists that it has to offer.

Oh, yes! The film is full of “Twists”! The first twist is “Baap Ka Loan”, when asked what he did with all the money that he took from people, Rishi reveals that Abhishek’s mother brought jewelries to help keep the family survive during the rainy days, and there, another twist “Maa Ke Zevar” is introduced in the story, and guess what? the jewelries are nowhere to be found. Now, there’s third twist in the film as well. Yes, “Pyaar Ka Twist”. After all, what’s a Bollywood film without a love story with a touch of spicy drama and romance?

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In All Is Well, we’ll get to see Abhishek and Asin’s on-screen chemistry. Just like we said earlier, film is full of twists. In this third twist, Asin is soon set to marry someone else and this twist breaks Abhishek’s heart. Going through the glimpses in All Is Well’s trailer, we got one thing cleared that due to all the ups and downs in his family, all that Abhishek sees in a relationship are flaws. As the trailer ends, we have this smile on our faces and a look of excitement in our eyes. Yes, we are extremely excited to know what happens in Abhishek, Rishi, Asin and Supriya’s life in All Is Well. Will they be able to find the “Zevars”? Well they be able to pay their debts, if yes, then how? And most importantly, Will the bond between father and son get strong or just break into pieces?

Apart from comedy and drama, the film also has an item number from Bollywood’s Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha!

Yes, all hell breaks loose in Umesh Shukla’s upcoming film, yet ‘All Is Well‘ with Abhishek, Rishi, Asin and Supriya in this comedy drama riot film. The film is all set to hit the theatres on August 21, 2015.