Bhoot Returns: Is RGV Attempting Indian Version Of ‘Paranormal Activity’?

POSTER: 'Bhoot Returns' shows an optical illusion of a girl with a bleeding lip.
POSTER: ‘Bhoot Returns’ shows an optical illusion of a girl with a bleeding lip.

Sequel to Ram Gopal Varma’s 2003 film ‘Bhoot’, ‘Bhoot Returns’ will bring back Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala on the big screen.

Also featuring actor JD Chakravarthy, the film produced by Eros International & Alumbra Entertainment will hit the screens in October 2012.

By launching an innovative first poster, which has an optical illusion of a girl with a bleeding lip, the film-maker has managed to garner interest in his first 3D film.

Interestingly, initially RGV wanted to name the sequel ‘Bhoot 2’.

The story of the name change goes like this: After the success of the first part in the series, ‘Bhoot 2’ as a title was registered by producer Nitin Manmohan’s company because at that time Nitin Manmohan and RGV were working together.

However, owing to their parting, things went sour. “The producers repeatedly requested Nitin Manmohan to give the copyright of the title but Desai delayed the process,” says a source close to the producers.

Tired of waiting for Nitin Manmohan to part with ‘Bhoot 2’ title, RGV chose ‘Bhoot Returns’. Meanwhile, Nitin appointed Director Vikram Bhatt to start off ‘Bhoot 2’. But when Vikram got to know that the announcement was made without RGV’s consent, he backed out.

For ‘Bhoot Returns’, RGV has released a set of videos that he claims has candid raw footage captured on CCTV camera of paranormal events.

The five videos were released at 06.06.06 pm. Carrying the tradition of Bhoot forward, Bhoot Returns will also be about a family trapped in a terrifying supernatural situation.