EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 11: Here’s The New Captain Of The House!


Captainship plays a very important role in Bigg Boss 11 house. After losing luxury budget task, housemates geared up for the captaincy task. As we saw in the last episode, Bandgi Kalra, Sabyasachy and Akash Dadlani have been chosen as the three contenders for the captaincy task. It is time again to select the captain of the house.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss introduced captainship task and this time, housemates also participated. For the task, housemates were given eggs. All the three contenders had their respective nest. Housemates had to chose their favourite contender out of the three and had to put the eggs in their nest.

For example, if housemates want Bandgi to become the captain of the house, they are supposed to keep eggs in her nest.  Well, housemates left no stone unturned to support their favourite contender. They started using their personal eggs from the luxury budget as well.

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Also, let us clear that contestants can break and steal the eggs from the nest of the contender that they do not want to be the captain of the house. Yes, and this had created huge drama in the house.

Nonetheless, we finally have the new captain of the house and its none other than Sabyasachy! Yes, Sabyasachy becomes the new captain of the house.

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