Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Vikas Bhalla-Yuvika Choudhary Break Bondings!


Rimi-Sen-Rochelle-Rao-Bigg-Boss-9The New Jodi[tps_footer]The excitement is surrounding inside Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ house and with new twist and turns, the show is finally leading to controversies back to back.

Following last night’s episode, with the majority of the housemates, Kishwer MerchantAman Verma were elected as best performers and Suyyash RaiRimi Sen as the worst performers in the luxury budget task.

On the other hand, ‘double trouble’ jodi Vikas Bhalla- Yuvika Choudhary win the captainship task beating Kishwar -Aman. Apart from this, ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ house is also being the part of the love triangle stories and catty fights between Rochelle and Mandana Karimi.

Things were going ugly due to insecurities between real couple Rochelle and Keith due to Keith Sequeira’s ‘Bigg Boss’ house partner Mandana Karimi. Well, Day 4 for the contestants was quite hectic yet scary with controversies, fights and much more.

But we say its ‘Bigg Boss’ house, nothing goes easy here and the contestants have to face every upcoming task and trouble in the house as the theme itself suggests ‘double trouble’

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Exclusively revealing the insides, in the upcoming episode you will see the captain jodi Vikas-Yuvika will get a power. Being the captain of the house, the duo gets a power to swap partners of any two jodis. According to their choice, both Vikas-Yuvika mutually decided to swap partners of two jodis.


Meanwhile, we also reveal that the contestants get a voucher of Rs 5000 from Snapdeal. The contestants were given a chance to buy anything from the same amount and after the mutual decision they ask for refrigerator and microwave. Finally they earn the most needful things for themselves!

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