Kalki Koechlin: I’ve Done Nonsense Teleshopping Ads To Support My Acting Career


Margarita With A Straw actress Kalki Koechlin opens up about her past and the struggle she had in her life to become the kind of actress she is today. When asked about the struggle in her life the actress was of an opinion that everyone has problems and everyone struggles everyday. Nobody can be happy 24×7 she says. One of the most versatile and talented actresses, Kalki Koechlin is a gift to the Bollywood industry.

When asked about the ups and downs in her life Kalki stated, “Life has a lot of ups and downs. I’ve struggled a lot in the beginning; I studied at London for three years in a theater school. I used to work as a waitress, sell popcorn at cinema halls and several other small jobs to pay for my studies. Even after coming back I’ve struggled a lot in Mumbai. I joined a theater company and along with that I gave numerous auditions. And I’ve done some very bad ads (chuckles) like those 20 minute long teleshopping ads for some useless exercise machine.”

Talking about her current life after giving successful films like Dev D, Shaitaan, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Margarita With A Straw, That Girl In Yellow Boots the humble actress is of an opinion that now she has a different kind of struggle. “Now the struggle is that I have to wait for good scripts. Sometimes it takes as long as 9 months where I’m not working, of course I am doing theater work meanwhile but the wait for a good movie script goes a long way sometimes. But I think life is a struggle and everyday we have to get up and learn something.”


Kalki Koechlin will reportedly be seen in Kismat Connection 2 and A Slumdog Millionaire Goes Dancing. The 31-year-old actress is currently the critics’ favourite after her beautiful performance in the film Margarita With A Straw where she plays the role of a girl affected by Cerebral Palsy.