Oh No! Salman Khan Sued Over Defamation Case For Rs 250 Crore



No matter where Salman Khan goes or what he does, trouble always finds him. Just when days started to get brighter after few very emotionally exhausting and tough months, Salman Khan has yet again fallen into a legal trouble. Apparently, Bollywood film producer Vijay Galani has slapped Salman Khan with a defamation case for Rs. 250 crore for defaming him and harassing him for three years over non-payment dues.

Now this is another twist in Salman Khan’s life, as the actor is already struggling to get other legal cases off his back. According to reports, during the making of Veer, Vijay Galani and Salman Khan had an agreement in which filmmaker agreed to pay Rs. 15 crore to Salman if the film did a good business at the Box Office. But as we all know, the film flopped at the Box Office and so as per the agreement, the filmmaker did not pay the said amount to Salman Khan.

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After this, the matter was taken to CINTAA and Federation Of Western India Cine Association by Salman Khan’s office and a letter of non-cooperation was issued against Vijay Galani. After receiving the letter, producer Galani took the matter to the court. After three years long case fight in the court, the court ruled in Galani’s favour after hearing his side of the story. And now the producer has sued the Kick actor for defaming him and causing him mental agony for three years.

On the whole court cast and this issue, the producer spoke up revealing how he has lost some valuable years of his life in the industry due to this court case. “I cannot tell you what I’ve gone through during the last three years .My mental agony and the money on lawyers has left me drained. I’ve filed a Rs 250 crore defamation case against Salman for mental agony, harassment, loss of face. Who will give me back the 3 years that I’ve lost,?” expressed Galani.

After a long run, on May 6, Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in jail of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ by the sessions court in his 2002 hit-and-run case. Two days after the case’s verdict, Salman Khan was granted bail and the court suspended his sentence pending the hearing and disposal of his appeal against the conviction. Apart from 2002 hit and run case, the actor is already involved in the 1998 black buck poaching case and now with this yet another new legal trouble, things look complicated for Salman Khan.