Saif Ali Khan: Phantom Being Banned In Pakistan Is Expected!


Filmmaker Kabir Khan has become one of the most talked about directors after his recent blockbuster hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The director who always aims to showcase a different perspective on the issues of the two nations India and Pakistan is yet again ready to surprise the audience with his upcoming film Phantom.

After surpassing all the controversies with his film Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is a tale of a little Pakistani girl stranded in India, Kabir Khan is yet again in news for his movie Phantom which is based on the Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11. Citing the story line of the film, the mastermind behind the terror attacks Hafiz Saeed has appealed for seeking a ban on the release of the film Phantom in Pakistan. The plea has made headlines in the country and everyone is giving their perceptions to the issue.

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Well the director of the film Phantom has come out and decided to reply to the ongoing issue of the ban of the film Phantom in Pakistan, Kabir Khan held a special press meet for the issue in order to clear his stance. When asked Kabir about his concern to release the film Phantom in Pakistan and Hafiz Saeed’s plea the director replied, “the point is that there is a certain representation of the film that’s happening, there is a person, the person who is talking about it we are just finding it very amusing that a person like that would actually go to the extent of going to the court and you know saying that the film is spreading poison, I mean he needs to look at what his position is what he represents, he represents hate agenda, he represents hate politics, so for somebody like him , one of the most wanted terrorist in the world to come up and say this about our film is just something that we find really amusing.”

Further adding to the same, the director was asked about the perception of the people in Pakistan for the release of his movie Phantom; Kabir Khan said referring to Hafiz Saeed’s ban plea saying, “we always make a common mistake of joining people with the establishment, when we talk of India and Pakistan what we see is an amorphous mass as a whole, it is very important that we separate people and politics from each other when we are perceiving. So now when you say that they don’t want, it’s not what they have said, till the time the film doesn’t release there we can’t get the reaction of the public. All these decisions go at the political level, if the censor bans or allows they are a part of the establishment, so unfortunately our perception that a country is one sort of a big mass that we have to clear out. We have to see that a common man cannot be held responsible for the politics that are being played out between two countries.”

The film Phantom stars Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan in lead roles, the trailer of the film is all promising and the movie is highly awaited by audience. Phantom is all set to hit the screens on August 28th.

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