Shah Rukh Khan Gives Tips For Good Hair


Shah Rukh Khan, on the music launch of Happy New Year, was asked a question about his hair, and his witty answer only takes you by surprise and awe at the same time. Watch the video to find out!

Here’s what Happy New Year was primarily meant to be: Shah Rukh Khan gifting Farah Khan back her career. This, after she made a film-shaped disaster called Joker whose only memorable bit was a gorgeous Katrina Kaif rubbing salt into the Tushar Kapoor world’s wounds, saying, “I’m too sexy for you, main tere haath na aani“.

Khan, as we have seen in the trailer, went to great lengths for it – you must have seen how he even agreed to dye ten strands of his hair blonde at the risk of looking like he has gum stuck on his hair. But, hey, he is Shah Rukh Khan. And for people who are fond of him, these are really minor impediments to their process of appreciating Khan.

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