Varun Dhawan Recalls The Time When He Had His First Cigarette

Varun-Dhawan-Mithibai-02Bollywood young’un Varun Dhawan was the chief guest at the recent Indian Cancer Society event. There the actor not only spoke a lot about creating awareness about cancer caused by people’s smoking habits, but also became quite open about his personal experiences. During which Varun revealed that he was only 13-years-old when he tried his first cigarette.

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Despite his young age, Varun spoke very wisely at the event. He stated, “First of all if the parents do smoke, they cannot tell their kids not to smoke. If you’re yourself a smoker and your son or daughter decides to smoke then you cannot blame then because they’ve grown up seeing you smoke.”

Recalling his experience with his first cigarette Varun stated, “When I had my first cigarette I think I was around 13 years. I was with my parents when I had my first puff and as soon as I took a drag I started coughing. That’s when I thought that why do people smoke? If it makes them cough after taking it, why do they smoke? It’s as simple as that. You know that smoking can cause cancer, a lot of people have lost their loved ones to that so they know why you have to try and stop them from smoking.”

“See a lot of people in my family smoke as well but that doesn’t mean I break all my relations with them. Smoking doesn’t mean the person is good or bad there’s nothing like that. I think people need to get smart, if you’re educated or your parents are teaching you good values take the good points from them and imbibe them,” the actor further added.

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Varun went on further to say that a lot of people who smoke can be good fathers, good husbands and good actors and others should learn their good qualities because they themselves will suggest them against smoking. The young’un is currently gearing up for the release of his film ABCD 2 starring Shraddha Kapoor.

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