Watch: Katrina Kaif Finally Opens Up On Her Marriage Plans


KAtrina-KaifIn a recent event, Bollywood’s two beautiful divas came face to face. It was an amazing moment when Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, who according to rumours are rivals, shared the stage with each other. At the event, what did we see? We saw the two acting and warming up to each other no less than best friends! Yes, the two were extremely comfortable while sharing the stage with each other.

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 During the question and answer session, Katrina Kaif was asked when do her fans will get to see the actress married, to which Sonam instantly came to Katrina‘s rescue by saying, “She is going to get marry after me.”

Katrina Kaif agreed with Sonam and said, “I think that’s an excellent suggestion. I should get married after Sonam and I don’t think Sonam knows it yet as well. So I think neither of us know.”

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The actress went further on and said that marriage should be special and magical and one should just get married once they are sure that they want to spend their life with this one person.

“Marriage should be special. Marriage should be magical and I think you should just get married when you look at each other and you’re 100% sure you don’t want to live without that person and I hope that happens soon, for me, for you and for Sonam and for all of us,” Katrina said.

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Katrina was asked if marriage was on her cards this year, as Ranbir is ready to get married, if it is possible for her fans to see her tie the knot this year itself, to which the actress replied, “Everything is possible. “Is it possible?” is very generic. Anything is always possible. I don’t have any plans right now so I can’t share the plans with you. But if I do and when I do have the plans, I promise you I will tell you. That’s my promise.

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