Watch: Preity Zinta Speaks Up On Ness Wadia Case


Preity Case.Preity Zinta is a well-known Bollywood personality. More so, she is known for raising her voice towards unjustice. She has raised her voice against the underworld, against racism and against anti-patriotism.

However, she does not wish to enjoy her celebrity status and infact wants to wait like a common individual for things to happen in regard of the law.

There is too much being written about the Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia molestation case.

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta who has filed a complaint against her former boyfriend, industrialist Ness Wadia on June 13, 2014, has lately said that he had thrown burning cigarettes at her face, and had also locked her up in a room even before the incident that took place on May 30 at the Wankhede Stadium, following which the actress had filed the police complaint.

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In a letter addressed to Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria, Zinta stated,
“Ness’s behaviour towards me is getting more and more aggressive and violent over a period of time. From throwing burning cigarettes at my face to locking me up in rooms and manhandling me, I have seen it all with him,”

“I, (Preity) just want him (Ness) to be kept away from me so I can live in peace, otherwise one unfortunate day, in a fit of rage, he will kill me and that really scares me,” she said in the letter.

She also said that she did not have any intention of harming Wadia in any way through the police complaint, but she did not have any option left but to approach the police to ensure that she was safe. She also added that she was genuinely paranoid that he would attempt to harm her directly or indirectly in future.

Preity Zinta had filed a complaint against Ness Wadia on June 13, 2014 at the Marine Drive police station. Her complaint stated that the businessman abused, molested and threatened her inside the Wankhede stadium during the match between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings on May 30, 2014.

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