Watch: Rakhi Sawant Opens Up On Salman Khan’s Hit And Run Case


Where the entire Bollywood industry is speaking in support of Salman Khan regarding 2002 hit and run case verdict, how can drama queen Rakhi Sawant stay back putting her opinion on it.

During a recent event, Rakhi Sawant was asked about her favourite actor Salman Khan who has been facing trouble in hit and run case. To which she said, “that is very sad. I have fought a lot for Salman Khan. Just because is a big star people are dragging him purposely in court matters.

If Salman Khan was in jail today, the film industry would have been in big loss. Its not Salman Khan’s fault at all. Because Salman Khan is a celebrity so his name has been dragged purposely in the case for money,” she added

The drama queen had a lot to say about Salman Khan, which you can watch in the video below. The actress is known for her weirdest and straight forward talking behaviour that she does it once again without getting afraid of anyone.

Like always, she stood in support of her favourite actor Salman Khan and spoke in favour of him during a recent event. The actress speaks her heart out without hesitating of what people think of her in public.