Watch: Rakhi Sawant’s Hilarious Comment On Sunny Leone That Will Make You Laugh!


Rakhi Sawant who has always been famous for her tantrums and drama has come up again with another one. The bold actress is known for her weirdest behaviour and straightforward talks while addressing media or be it at any event. The drama queen never stays back to insult any one.

This time the target is not any politician, its none other than Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. During a recent event when asked about why she is trying to be more glamour by shaping her body and doing yoga when its not needed. To which the actress instantly replied, “ There is too much of competition around me now. I want to look more glamorous and want to get into that avatar. Very soon I am going to cut one person’s way from industry.”

When asked about who is that person, she said “its one and only Sunny Leone.” She literally said targeting Sunny Leone, ”Leela ko main geela kar dungi!”

Later she was informed about Sunny Leone being accused by a housewife in Dombivili. The bold actress Rakhi Sawant, flaunting her bikini outfit at the event, said, “ Its Sunny Leone who forces people to wear such clothes. I want her to leave my India and go back to her country and do whatever she wants to do. People are doing right thing with her.”

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This is not for the first time Rakhi Sawant has insulted anyone, before she had insulted Veena Malik, Katrina Kaif, and also few politician on the national television.

No wonder, Rakhi Sawant’s weird talks and weird laughs are never ending. Day by day you will come across with something new from her with the changing seasons. Must say she is quiet entertaining at times. Remember her ‘chitting’ comment on AIB roast.

On the work front, Sunny Leone’s recent released Kuch Kuch Locha Hai was an average hit at the Box Office. This was for the first time the actress worked for an adult comedy film starring Ram Kapoor. On the other hand, Sunny Leone has more six movies to be released this year. The actress said that she would be changing her image with time as she has many different movies to come this year.