Watch: Shah Rukh Khan Reveals About One Bollywood Actor Who Does Not Crack Under Pressure


Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan is having a hectic and packed up shooting schedules this year. The actor has shot back to back for his three upcoming film. After shooting Fan and Raees, the actor is currently working on Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale.

 Shah Rukh Khan had just returned to Mumbai after his holiday in London, the superstar was previously busy with the shooting of Rohit Shetty’s film Dilwale in Bulgaria and then headed to London to spend time with his family.

Seems the actor cant get enough of his busy schedules and the dedication for his films and work. But the actor never chooses to work under pressure. Yesterday during the launch event Shah Rukh Khan said that “I don’t crack under pressure, I thrive under pressure. I feel when there is no pressure, life is lazy. I try to bring more pressure in my life. When you try new things you will fail, when you will fail you will feel bad but you have to keep trying and don’t crack under pressure.

“I like to believe my whole life that there have been sad moments, there have been moments when I have been down, but I don’t crack under pressure. Maybe one day I will just die because of pressure but I will not crack under pressure,” he added.

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The actor was also asked to name one person from the Bollywood industry who does not crack under pressure. For which SRK took name of comedian Johnny Lever who is also his co-star in their upcoming film Dilwale.

King Khan at the event said, “I think from the ones who I have seen don’t crack under pressure is Johnny Lever. Even under pressure he is cracking jokes… he is really cool.”

“I have been with him in places when the situations are very tough despite of the fact he does comedy most of the time. He is someone you can always turn to time when you are in trouble and need strength,” he added.

Talking about the release clash of his film Raees with Salman Khan’s Sultan, the actor at the event said, “We have now become friends, so we will do everything together. For you all it is clash, but not for us. We both are going to do well then. There might be a business clash but there will be equal profit for us.” The actor also said that he is very excited of Bajrangi Bhaijaan to release.