Watch Video: Krushna Abhishek Reveals On Doing A Show With Kapil Sharma On Sony TV


Krushna Abhishek Says, ‘ No Rivalry Exists Between Me And Kapil’ The comedian-actor denies having any sort of rivalry with competitor Kapil Sharma.

Recently, speculations have been rife that Krushna Abhishek’s new show, Comedy Company on Sony TV will replace The Kapil Sharma Show. However, turns out that there’s very little to believe in these rumours. After much speculations and no truth, Krushna Abhishek clarified the confusion at the launch of the 3rdedition of the show OMG: Yeh Mera India. He said, “There is no controversy in it, there is nothing to do with Kapil or his show. Kapil’s show airs 9 pm to 10 pm and I will do my show from 8 pm to 9 pm. There is no rivalry.”

Krushna even said that he is quite serious when he says that he wants to promote his show on TKSS. He said, “It’s been five years and we haven’t yet come together. It’s my wish to go on his show for promotions. I really want to go. I just hope he invites me.”

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The actor is quite excited for his new show and when he was asked whether Kapil would call him on the show or not, he was ready to answer. He quipped in,“Why wouldn’t he? There is no problem between us. There is no personal rivalry. When we were on two separate channels giving competition to each other with our shows at the same time slot, then perhaps there was a problem but now although there will be a clash, it won’t be at the same time slot. So, it would be great if all of us could come together on one platform… I think the audience will watch that episode just to see what do we all have to say to each other. We are very excited.”

Though Krushna revealed that his show will air at the time slot of 8 pm to 9 pm and TKSS will air at the time slot of 9 pm to 10 pm, no comments on behalf of the channel has been made on this particular situation. It will also be interesting to see all the ex-members of The Kapil Sharma Show perform on the new show, Comedy Company.