Watch Video: Shilpa Shetty Plans Wedding For 101 Couples

Shilpa Shetty Kundra launched the jewellery brand Satyug Gold recently, and plans to indulge in some social work. Shilpa announced that she will be organizing a community wedding for those 101 Indian couples who cannot afford the expenses of a marriage.

Shilpa also claimed that she will be gifting gold mangalsutras to the brides.

“Our CSR plan has been that we will arrange 101 weddings every year and all of those brides will get a 4 gram mangalsutra. So that is our Corporate Social Responsibility that we are acarrying forward. I wanted to do something. I don’t have a daughter and my mother has always said that kanyadan gets you to heaven. In Hindus it is believed hat kanyadan is the biggest form of giving and this is my way of doing kanyadan,” said a content Shilpa.Take a look!

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