Watch Video: Why Does Vivek Oberoi Call Narendra Modi Karma Yogi?


Actor Vivek Oberoi has come out in support of Bharatiya Janata Party‘s (BJP) Narendra Modi and says he is a karma yogi and the country needs him.

“I feel that the country needs Narendra Modi today. He is a vikas purush, he has proved his work in Gujarat. I think Modiji talks less and works more,

“That`s why he has a lot of work to show. Around 18,000 villages in Gujarat have received electricity and it is not plain talk, he has done work, he is a karm yogi,” he added.

Don’t vote your caste, cast your vote. Vivek Oberoi further said “You shouldn’t see Bollywood as one community, everyone is an individual. That is what I want to appeal to everyone, not to link your ideology to one group – like Hindu, Muslim or Dalit.

In the year 2002-2003, the whole world thought India was getting to be a a super power country, but since 10 years, its not super power, we are becoming super powerless, this transition is important and only Shri Narendra Modiji can do this for us. After seeing Gujarat’s prosperity and growth, i want India also to follow the same thing.

Watch the video to know what Vivek Oberoi said!

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