Watch: When Shraddha Kapoor Confessed Her Love To Varun Dhawan


Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor herself confessed that she had a massive crush on her ABCD 2 co-star Varun Dhawan when they were kids. Not only that, the actress also revealed that while the two were out for a shoot with her father Shakti Kapoor and Varun’s father David Dhawan, the actress confessed her love to Varun Dhawan. But Varun turned it down.

At the recent Piku success party, Varun Dhawan was asked about this incident and the star said, “You guys make me look like a cruel person when you say that I turned her down. We were very small during that time and obviously she had done it for fun, nothing like I broke her heart.”

The incident was somewhat funny and the two laugh about it whenever the topic comes out. Shraddha went to Varun and asked him to pay attention to the sentence that she was about to say in the reverse order. After this, Shraddha said, “You love I” to Varun. Then 8-year-old Varun with a confused look said “no” and ran away from Shraddha. But guess what? The feelings weren’t one sided. Yes, apparently, Varun felt the same way for Shraddha and the actress was his childhood crush too. The actor went further on and revealed it in front of the media. “However, Shraddha was also my childhood crush, but I was too shy so I never confessed it in front of her, ” Varun confessed.

Varun also revealed that the two have been friends before they became actors and it is an amazing feeling to work in a film with your childhood friend. We’ll soon get to see Shraddha and Varun in Remo D’Souza’s upcoming film ABCD 2. The film also features choreographer director Prabhu Deva and international dancer Lauren Gottlieb. ABCD 2 will hit the theaters on June 19, 2015.