When Sonakshi Sinha’s Singing Teacher Ran Out And Never Came Back

Sonakshi-Sinha-Maldives-002Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who has been roped in to play a very important role on upcoming musical reality showIndian Idol Junior s a judge, took everyone on a trip down memory lane by revealing a secret from her past. We all know that Sonakshi Sinha has a keen interest in singing and dancing.

During press interaction, the actress reminisced and revealed a secret event from her past. The actress revealed that when she was little, the actress wanted to learn singing and so a singing teacher was appointed to teach her. But after her first singing class, the teacher ran away and never returned. “My singing professor came to teach me singing but after first class, he never came back.” Sonakshi revealed. The actress went further on and also revealed her curiosity to know why his professor did that.Sonakshi went further on and said “If I meet him today, I am really going to ask him why he ran away and never came back to teach me singing?

We have seen Sonakshi’s fabulous dance moves in couple of films and we absolutely loved it. This passion for dancing and singing was there in Sonakshi since she was a kid. “As I kid, I loved to sing and dance. I still do. You’ve seen me dance in films and you must have heard me sing a little during interviews and press conferences. I hope that I’ll get a chance to sing and I’ll get to learn singing from these talented little kids,” Sonakshi concluded.

Well, we do hope to see the actress hit some notes at the show.

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