Adlabs to receive International Anti-Piracy Certification by FACT

MUMBAI: Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s Adlabs has become the first motion picture services facility in India and Asia to be awarded certification by UK’s industry body FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft).
A large number of film service companies in the UK and Europe are now accredited by FACT, making it easier for studios and film makers to know they are dealing with a secure facility. However, this is the first time in FACT’s 25-year history that it has accredited a company outside the UK or Europe.
The certification is a major recognition of the efforts by Adlabs to protect and safeguard the films that it handles from piracy.
The certification applies to Adlabs’ film processing and print lab, Digital Lab, Digital Cinema Mastering facility as well as Adlabs’ preview theatre, all housed within its Film City premises in Mumbai.
The accreditation comes at a time when Adlabs has grown its portfolio of film-related services, expanding from its long tradition of motion picture lab processing and replication to include post-production and grading with its 4K DI-lab and the Digital Cinema Mastering facility.
Adlabs Films CEo Anil Arjun said, "Security is a serious issue for the filmed entertainment business with conservative estimates of revenue loss due to piracy in Asia-Pacific amounting to US $1.2 billion annually. Protection of software is film makers’ key concern and the facility has been planned from the ground up to put security first. We are happy that our efforts in this direction have been acknowledged by a prestigious industry body."  
Speaking on behalf of FACT, accreditation manager Jackie Lover added, "Having examined its operation in great detail, FACT is pleased to award Adlabs membership of its accreditation scheme." She also pointed out that "the fight against piracy and film theft is increasingly an international effort and we welcome the inclusion of more international film businesses such as Adlabs that have demonstrated that they are taking copyright protection seriously."
"We are extremely proud to have won this recognition for our efforts to protect our clients’ films at all times but we will not rest on our laurels. Instead we will continue to improve and strengthen our defense of the films and work carried out on our premises," said Adlabs president – motion picture processing & allied services Shankar Dutta.
Adlabs has made security a cornerstone of its expansion of film services and introduced world-class technical safeguards for internal digital content movement and access, plus additional security implementations.
These measures and FACT’s recognition, place Adlabs as one of the most protected and safe environments for motion picture handling.