Ekta Kapoor changes spelling of Raginni MMS to Ragini MMS

MUMBAI: Ekta Kapoor has changed the spelling of her upcoming release RAGINI MMS.

The film was earlier titled Raginni MMS, and now an extra n has been dropped from the title. It is believed that she asked for the name change because of the bizarre incidents that occurred during the film’s shoot.

Kapoor happened to discover that someone had died in the bungalow at Dahanu, where the film was shot. The film’s director Pawan Kirpalani says, “Filming Ragini MMS was an unsettling and surreal experience. I don’t know if the bungalow was haunted, but interestingly the caretaker had died in his room and his personal belongings were still lying there when we started shooting, eventually the crew had to shift his stuff out. The spooky experiences led us to believe that maybe it’s a bad move to mess with things that belong to dead people."

The director adds that frequent freak accidents occured while shooting. “One of the boys got burnt while cooking for the crew, while the male lead Raj Kumar hurt himself while shooting a scene in which he was actually supposed to get hurt.”

Daily calls from the unit about such accidents troubled Kapoor who refused to go on set.

Her numerologist is said to have suggested the spelling change to ease things out.

Ragini MMS is likely to release in March-April, 2011.