Fame Reel Kids summer workshop comes to a close

Mumbai: Fame Cinemas’ recently organized workshop for young children called Fame Reel Kids recently concluded. The finest of them were crowned by Harman Baweja and Javed Akhtar at the grand finale held on 27 June at Fame Adlabs Andheri.

The workshop was organized to polish film talent of kids in the age group of 7-15 years including acting skills, dialogue delivery, story writing, facial expression, direction and a lot more. The workshops were held in three different cities—Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.
Fame Cinema head of marketing Abhishek Raina said, "With the help of professionals we aimed at making a seven-day theatre cum acting workshop for nurturing the talent of the kids. After speaking with the parents in all the three cities we believe that we were able to deliver what we had envisaged and are ready to make this into an annual event, every summer."