Neil gears up for March release of Aa Dekhe Zaara

MUMBAI: March is still a long way for Neil Nitin Mukesh. The actor who has two films ready for release, is now hoping that at least one will be viewed by people as soon as the exam season winds up in March. His two films are Aa Dekhe Zaara and New York.

Sitting snug in his make up room, Neil is all set to talk about his two films. But on hindsight the actor plays it safe and says, "New York may get pushed. I am not too sure about the production details, but Aa Dekhe Zaara will release on the 27th of March. And in this film you will see me singing, dancing, fighting and killing. Yes, killing too."

Originally titled Freeze, the film is now called Aa Dekhe Zaara, as it has more of a mass appeal. A thriller, the film is described as a conceptual film. Neil elaborates, "It is the story of a guy who gets a camera that can see the future. But before you get any ideas, this is not a futuristic film. It is very believable as the characters are well connected. The film is laced with varied emotions ranging from greed to generosity, sadness to anger. And the icing on the cake is my co-star, Bipasha Basu."