Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif binge on burgers

MUMBAI: We hear of recession hitting Bollywood and actor’s like Salman Khan who have had to take a pay cut. So is that why he took Katrina Kaif to a McDonald’s joint for a burger date? Definetly not, Sallu has a little more panache than that!

After a few nights of revelry to celebrate Salman’s birthday at Khan’s Panvel farmhouse, the duo was returning to Mumbai when hunger pangs got the better of them. A quick stop at the burger joint to pick up some fast food resulted in a rather long wait.

As soon as the crowd saw Salman and Katrina in his Land Cruiser, they began requesting for photographs and autographs. The minute halt soon turned to an hour as an indulgent Sallu and Kats entertained their fans. Here’s to a great pair in Bollywood who do not run away from giving in to the wishes of their fans.