Shahid Kapur becomes first actor to fly the F16 plane

MUMBAI: Shahid Kapur got an opportunity to fly the F 16 ,while shooting in Bangalore for his forthcoming film Mausam, making him the first actor in the world to do so. 
The F 16 is a sophisticated fighter plane, used in modern warfare, and like the real pilots of the Indian air force who fly the F 16, Kapur too was given a mission while flying the plane.
He too was given a target he had to attack and a mission he had to achieve.
Kapur said, “ To fly an F 16 was an awesome experience. It was thrilling, and to be part of a mission was something I never imagined I would get to do. Bear was an extremely cool teacher, he let me manoeuvre the plane, and let me learn on my own.”
Producer Sheetal Talwar said, “The Lockheed Martin guys wanted Shahid to have a complete experience of flying a fighter jet. They were extremely co-operative and id their best to make Shahid ‘s experience an invaluable one.”
Kapur who plays a pilot in Mausam, directed by his father Pankaj Kapoor, went through rigorous training to fly the F 16. He went through a simulator test, and various stress tests and blood tests.
Mausam also stars Sonam Kapoor and is slated to release on 22 July, 2011.