Zulfi Syed ties up with Raina for clothes boutique

MUMBAI: Actor Zulfi Syed has collaborated with his friend and cricketer Suresh Raina to open a clothes boutique in the latter’s hometown Ghaziabad.

Zulfi already owns a boutique called Flo in Mumbai. He said, "I was wondering how to take my clothes business further, when we hit upon this idea. The boutique at Ghaziabad will only be the beginning of a clothesline chain which Raina and I have dreamed of."

Raina added, "Zulfi is a very good friend and I’m looking forward to opening many more boutiques across North India. My hometown Ghaziabad has no such shops and I want to make my city more fashionable than what it is today. I dedicate my store to my birthplace. Our people all look good and have purchasing power too and I think since there are no fashion shops, they would want to visit my boutique all the more. And I don’t play cricket for all 12 months. So when I’m not playing, I can spend my time looking after my business and develop it."