Arjun Rampal’s Reaction On Rumoured Divorce


Arjun-Rampal-Recently, there were a lot of rumours about Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr Jessia going through a tough time. The rumours were that recently Arjun was spotted entering Bandra court to file for a divorce from his wife Mehr Jessia.

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To put an end to the rumours and get the facts correct, Arjun Rampal took to his Twitter account and bashed the media for cooking up fake news and gossips. Arjun questioned the newspaper that originally published the story. He tweeted, “My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce?Say,Midday&few others.U know it’s really easy to find that out.Did u bother? #fakepress”

That’s not it, the rumours also further stated that things became worse between Arjun and Mehr soon after Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne‘s divorce, as Arjun‘s name was surfaced during the time in connection and being one of the causes behind Hrithik and Sussanne‘s broken marriage. Arjun had it enough with the absurd stories and theories. In his another tweet, Roy actor expressed his disappointment by saying that journalists in India cook up stories in chat groups. Also Read: Arjun Rampal In Trouble For Meeting Gangster?
“The state of affairs about journalists in India.They on group chats on wasapp and cook up stories. Thats where news is made.That’s the truth,” Arjun tweeted.
In his next tweet, Arjun justified why he visited Bandra court. He tweeted.