Happy New Year’s Box Office Figures Fake?


Happy New Year3Making it to the many crore clubs and breaking records with every film have become the latest fad in Bollywood. Unless your film doesn’t lose behind a high moolah raking films, yours is a failed attempt. No wonder that at times we hear botched up box office figures to paint rosy picture. Happy New Year is the next film to get embroiled in fake figures controversy. Apparently, the film hasn’t made as much money as Red Chillies Entertainment is claiming in Andhra Pradesh.

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According to latest reports, HNY has collected more that 100 crore in three days. Out of which, according to RedChillies, the film pocketed 1.43 crore in the first da from andhra.  It seems there is no truth to this tale. A Telugu film website called the numbers fake saying that HNY didn’t get even 143 screens, forget about 1.43 crores.

Well, we are still investigating as to who’s telling the truth and who is lying here. But we wonder if a film is making good money, why mire it with botched up figures? Doesn’t that hit a soft spot called respect? We wonder!