Here’s What Akshay Kumar Has To Say On Punching A Fan At Mumbai Airport

Akshay-kumar-0214[tps_footer]Days after director Kabir Khan was heckled at the Karachi airport, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also came in the news after his bodyguard punched a fan. An innocent fan, who was trying to take a selfie with Akshay Kumar had to pay a huge amount when he was punched on the head by the actor’s bodyguard.


One can see in the video footage, bodyguard punched hard and very loudly that it made even Akshay Kumar to turn around and notice. But, it seems, he couldn’t notice what actually happened at that moment as everything got over by the time he turned back.

Soon several questions raised on social networking sites on why the ‘Khiladi’ actor didn’t take any action towards his bodyguard and so on. Clarifying on the same, the actor took to his twitter handle to reveal that the incident happened was unfortunate and uncalled for. Akshay also made an apology to the fan who was hurt by his bodyguard.


Here’s what the actor wrote: “What happened that day was unfortunate and uncalled for. I was at the airport and I heard a commotion which made me turn around, I didn’t notice anything wrong so I walked on. It was later brought to my notice that my bodyguard had punched a fan. I have reprimanded him and given him a strict warning for the same. My sincere apology to the fan who was hurt. I hold my fans in the highest regard and such incidents are always upsetting. I will ensure such a scenario is avoided in the future.”

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