I Am Similar To Kajol: Parineeti Chopra

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MUMBAI: Bubbly Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra was spotted unveiling a new range of skincare products, where she revealed the similarities between herself and Kajol, an actress she looks up to immensely.

In a teal blue sheath dress, which hugged her curves in all the right places, Parineeti was all smiles at the event. On her dainty feet were strappy little multi-coloured sandals, which the fashion police adored. Hair neatly tied back in a slick ponytail, Parineeti looked every inch the young powerhouse actress that she’s being touted as.

Parineeti let us in on the secret that many people liken her to Kajol, and she herself endorses their views. “Well, both Kajol and Rani are extremely spontaneous actors and more instinctive than rehearsed, so on that front yes I am similar. In fact they both are my absolute favourites.”

Quizzed about her sister Priyanka Chopra, this is what Parineeti had to say: “She’s always family more than an actor. Yes, I love her work and she is undoubtedly one of the best actresses.”

It was also quite surprising to hear her open out about her personality, when she termed herself lazy when asked to describe herself in three words. “Enthusiastic, honest and lazy. I’m not athletic at all, not the sporting sorts, you know? The moment the pack up is announced, its food and bed for me. I’m damn lazy, and if it weren’t for films, I would be the fattest person around. But I don’t mind doing anything that’s required for a role. That’s my mantra: I’ll do anything for my films.”

Parineeti will next be seen in ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ and Shaad Ali’s ‘Kill Dil’.

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