Kangana Ranaut Clears On Reports That She Deserved Awards That Priyanka Chopra Won


Kangana-06Kangana Ranaut, who recently bagged a National Award for her mind-blowing performance in director Vikas Bahl‘s most acknowledged film Queen, has got media’s undivided attention. But sometimes, the attention can back fire. Recently, it was reported that Kangana had said that the awards that were given to Priyanka Chopra for Mary Kom, were actually hers and were given to Priyanka because Kangana didn’t attend the award show! It was also reported that Kangana shares no equation with her Fashion co-star Priyanka whatsoever.

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As soon as this report came out and Kangana read the story, the actress was in huge shock and distress. Apparently, Kangana has said nothing like that. During a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut revealed that the false statement caused her distress and she was really disturbed by it. “I was shocked when a report quoted me saying that I deserved all the awards she got for Mary Kom. I immediately called her in California and cleared the air. We chatted for over half an hour. That’s the equation we share,” said the actress.

In the same interview, Bollywood’s Queen Kangana said, “The question was something else but when it was put out in public, it was joined with a different analogy in some other context,” The actress further added, “I have no words to describe how distressed and disturbed I have been since that statement came out.”

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Kangana also said that she is a fan of Priyanka‘s work and has high regards for the actress.

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