Salman Khan Hit And Run Case: I Wasn’t Driving


Salman-Khan-Hit-and-run0012Salman Khan on giving his statement on 2002 hit and run case said that he wasn’t driving the car, which rammed over people, killing one person and injuring four.

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Salman Khan also denied that the night of the accident he wasn’t driving his SUV car nor he was in a drunken state on September 28, 2002. He also said that he was in the car and his driver was driving at that time.

In fact the actor denied all the charges that he has been claimed with. He also claimed that it was his driver, Altaf who was driving the actor.

Responding to one of the witnesses, Salman Khan denied one more charge put on him. He said that since his door was jammed, he had to get out of the car from the driver’s side.

Salman Khan did not deny that he was at one of the bar with brother Sohail Khan before the accident. He said that he drank only water and never ordered any cocktails. The bills made out on food and drinks were not his according to him.

The court asked Salman Khan that the witness said you were drunk and fell down and then got up and fell again? He replied, “False.” He also said that he was for more than 15 minutes at the spot of the accident.

Salman Khan’s sister was present at the court while his statement was recorded.

Salman Khan’s car met with accident in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one person and injuring four.

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The actor has denied that he was on the wheel during the accident in 2002. If convicted, he could spend up to 10 years in prison.

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