Salman Khan’s Hit And Run Case Has Reached Another Level



Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s 2002 hit-and-run case has reached another level. During the examination on Tuesday, witness Dr Suhas Pawar indicated that 6ml of blood sample of Salman Khan was not preserved properly.

According to the procedure, the sample was not tested and preserved properly. The doctor said that he extracted 6ml of blood and put 3ml of the blood each in test tubes before sealing them. One the preservatives while the other one was empty.

Based on the case file, Pawar said one of the two preservatives required sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate tube. Sodium Fluoride is one of the preservatives used to prevent fermentation and glycolysis in a blood sample.

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On this defence advocate Shrikant Shivde asked doctor that if the absence of the preservative would lead to fermentation of blood and production of alcohol to which he replied, “If the blood gets fermented, it will produce alcohol and it is possible that it will form a high test result of alcohol,”.

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The doctor also said that keeping the blood sample without refrigeration within two days may lead to decomposition. For the correct assertion of presence of alcohol in the blood sample, it was necessary for both the samples to be given. Shivde then alleged that by not adding sodium fluoride, the Civil Medical Code was not followed.

The questions for the witness were back to back by the defence. He asked that how many hands did he use when the syringe was inserted and blood drawn.

The case will be carry forward on January 31. The case has reached its fag end with the prosecution making a statement to the effect. The remaining examination will continue on February 18.

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