How Will Salman Khan Promote PK And Happy New Year In Bigg Boss?


Salman-Shah-Rukh-AamirSalman Khan seems to be very interested about Happy New Year. Not that we have any issue, but it is making us wonder why the actor is suddenly trying to be so appreciative about his supposed rival’s film. Recently, he announced that he will promote Happy New Year on Bigg Boss season 8. But then Aamir Khan also wants him to go nude to promote PK, so what will Salman choose?

Here is what we think Salman Khan can do to keep both his ‘friends’ happy.

It will be very easy to promote Happy New Year as it is a regular Shah Rukh-Farah film. A bit of glitz glamour, some abs display, some songs to play and one is sorted. This will also give Bhaijaan something else to dance on other than Jumme Ki Raat.

PK will be difficult to promote but not undoable. Although we would love to see him take his shirt off, he can easily form a cut out of Aamir’s nude picture and he can promote the film.

He could also get Shah Rukh on stage and for the first time in perhaps ages, people will see Karan and Arjun together. You fight, you scowl but once upon a time, you were friends. We are pretty sure that would be highest TRP garnering episode in the history of Indian television.

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