The Last Witch Hunter Trailer: Vin Diesel Back As A Saviour



Vin Diesel fans are up for a treat again with the recently released trailer of his upcoming film The Last Witch Hunter. Audiences will get to see Vin once again in his savior avatar kicking the bad guys’ butts!

The new flick will see Vin as a witch hunter who stands between the world we live in and the world where evil witches dwell. So as always the safety of Earth depends on none other than Vin Diesel himself.

The trailer shows Michael Caine as a priest, Vin Diesel as a witch hunter and Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones as a good witch who helps Vin in his conquest. Together they make it their mission to stop the evil plots being made by the evil witches who are trying to combine their forces in order to invade human life.

However the only complaint Diesel fans are having is that the actor has been resenting from experimenting with his looks. In all of his films the Furious 7 actor has maintained his bald stern face look. Fans are waiting for the day when they would get to see Vin in a different avatar. That said the trailer looks promising nonetheless. Directed by Breck Eisner the film is set to release on October 23, 2015.

The film also stars Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood, Rena Owen, Julie Engelbrecht and Ólafur Ólafsson amongst others.

Watch Trailer Here