HP DVD Manufactured-on-Demand Service

Mumbai: HP’s manufactured-on-demand service is used to produce a DVD of any movie, TV show or other video content, regardless of niche or obscurity. Content currently being targeted for release includes classic and older TV shows never before released on DVD, foreign movies, productions for specialty genres such as religion, education, lifestyle, health, food and sports, specialty cable TV programming, independent movies, recently broadcast TV shows and sporting events with high relevancy in specific geographic markets or within specific consumer segments.

For studios and video merchants, the HP service can eliminate the challenges of matching supply and demand on catalog and specialty titles and also reduce inventory, packaging and return costs.

The service is a component of HP Digital Content Services (http://www.hp.com/go/dcs), which helps retailers fulfill the requests of customers wanting video content in various forms, including digital downloads, traditional packaged DVDs and emerging video formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

“HP’s agreement with Sony signals a significant move in the entertainment industry,” said Digital Content Services, HP vice president and general manager Willem de Zoete. “Together, we’re offering customers a greater selection of content, bridging the gap between the amount of content that is created and that which actually is published and available for consumption.”