Lionsgate and billionaire Carl Icahn terminate discussions

MUMBAI: Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. has ended discussions with Carl Icahn about potentially adding his designees to the Lionsgate Board of Directors.

Lionsgate co-chairman and CEO Jon Feltheimer and vice chairman Michael Burns said, "Lionsgate has a strong track record of successful growth over the past nine years and is committed to building value for its shareholders. We are always open to hearing the ideas of our shareholders and exploring ways to incorporate them. Over the past three weeks, our Board of Directors has been in discussions with Mr. Icahn to consider how we could accommodate some of his requests, including the possible appointment of his designees to the Board of Directors. However, the Board ultimately concluded that it could not meet his requests and continue to serve the best interests of all of our shareholders, which is our number one priority."

Icahn said in a statement, "We have recently been engaged in discussions with Lions Gate regarding the possibility of having a number of our designees added to Lions Gate’s board of directors. Those discussions have been terminated because agreement could not be reached concerning certain aspects of the standstill agreement that Lions Gate demanded as a condition to installing those board members."