No business like coffee business for Jackie Chan


Action star Jackie Chan has taken a break from producing movies and dropped into Manila to announce his plans to open a coffee franchise on 4 August. A part of the proceeds from his coffee shop business and all other businesses would go to the Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, United Nations Children’s Fund, and UNAIDS to help buy books and build schools across Asia.

The store will be the first in a chain that will spread across China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Chan has signed a deal with Filipino investors to open this coffee shop. They will sell “Jackie Chan’s Java Coffee” in Manila within three months. Chan signed on behalf of Jackie’s Java Co., a Hong Kong-based firm representing his coffee business.

Chan says, “Coffee, like music and movies, knows no barriers. Coffee is also a language in itself. When you watch my movies, you think of Jackie Chan. When you drink coffee, I hope you will also think Jackie Chan.”