TDF to deploy D-Cinema system to 200 European theatres

MUMBAI: TDF Group has unveiled its plans to deploy a pan-European delivery service for digital cinema. TDF will provide electronic delivery of digital copies to theatres in Europe, leveraging on its established presence in 10 territories.

TDF has already connected 60 theatres in six countries and plans to double the number of connected theatres in 2009 and 2010.

The news was unveiled in Paris at TDF’s 1st Digital Cinema Conference by TDF International Development Director for Multimedia Services Thomas Bremond.

“I am pleased to announce that TDF’s subsidiaries, SmartJog and Media Broadcast, have joined forces to market the 1st pan-European Digital cinema electronic delivery service to digital theatres across Europe,” said Bremond.

TDF platform will soon provide service into two thirds of France multiplex theatres, with deployment in progress at major circuits CGR, Euro palaces and Kannapolis. Another significant deployment is scheduled in Switzerland and Austria in the coming months. TDF is expecting to announce additional deployment deals very soon in continental Europe.

TDF is committed to connect theatres in several countries throughout continental Europe, including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Baltic’s, with the goal of helping exhibitors’ transition to digital cinema.

TDF’s pan-European digital cinema solution is Europe’s only service that provides an end-to-end hybrid digital cinema electronic distribution network for the cinema industry, from digital cinema mastering facilities to movie theatres, with innovative satellite and terrestrial transmission optimization technology, specifically tailored for secure and reliable DCP distribution.